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Looking for 6 months – 22 months

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Looking for 6 months – 22 months

We are looking for people who have suffered from meningococcal disease, also known as, meningitis.

Specifically, we are looking for boys and girls from 6 months to 22 years old who have visible consequences such as missing limbs, prosthetics or hearing aids. This will be for a production of a meningitis disease protection awareness campaign that will run on TV and other media channels.

Also interested in parents and siblings.

The shoot will take place in Europe, August/September 2019.

Each person will only be required for 1 to 2 days. Travel and living expenses are covered in addition to the fee (incl. chaperone, caretaker or guardian).

We appreciate the consideration you are giving to this casting call and your potential interest in sharing your experience to inform the public and parents about this serious disease.

Hopefully, this campaign will help parents better understand this disease, do their own research and speak with their health care provider about prevention options.

This is a paid opportunity with travel provided.

Please include your name, date of birth, contact phone number, where you live as well as a short background about yourself including hobbies, your family, as well as your disability. Please also include a photo of yourself

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