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Chantelle Hawkins


Shift manager

Northampton uk


Fun. Out going . Dedicated. They are just three words to describe myself and there are many more. All my life I’ve  worked hard to achieve my goals and succeed in everything that I do. Being the oldest sibling  meant I have to be a role models for them; show them a path through life that will make the family proud and yourself proud. Through modelling or tv work I would love to be a role model for kind and girls that are maybe not the slimiest, prettiest, who come from a “poor” background, girl who maybe never expected to achieve anything in life. Being on a visual platform will allow me to be an ambassador for girls like this as I was once in their place. I want to give them confidence to stand up and be seen, the confidence to fight hard for what they want as everything in life does not come easy. I am also a member of the LGBTQ+ community and would love to give visibility to girls like me.

The world of modelling and fashion is a new discovery for me . Until the age of 18 I had no fashion sense ( absolutely disgusting ) . Now I am following leading trends and even styling my friends. A drastic 360 change . My main reason for this was to build my confidence. When I wore lit clothes and people were complimenting me I felt and still fell on top of the world . I walk with my head held high and the confidence just radiates out of me. Getting to work in an industry where the main focus is clothes would be brilliant. I will work the camera like no one has seen, just purely based on the confidence I exude .

If I am chosen for any potential roles/ castings I assure you that I will complete anything and give 110%. I am a very motivated character and love to have fun with anything I do. I love working in teams and others are to achieve a common goal. I’m always smiling and have an infectious laugh which makes me a very likeable character and I get along with everyone.  I love talking and getting to meet new people with different experiences that I have had so I can learn from them and grow in my self.

I hope you consider me and have a lovely day.

Yours sincerely,

Chantelle Hawkins


May 2017

Level 3 diploma in sport and exercise science at Roehampton university

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